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My photographic journey began when I was 12 years old growing up in Portland, Oregon. My father was an avid photographer and my inspiration at a very young age. He taught me the basics of lighting and composition and I was hooked. At that time, we used film cameras as digital photography was not yet mainstream. When you have a roll of 24 images in your camera, and the cost to develop and print them had to be considered, you wanted to make every photo count.

My father also helped me set up my own lab and darkroom in our basement as a young teenager. This gave me complete control of the entire process from taking photos to producing paper prints.

Then came a family and a career in high tech, so my photography was pushed down the priority list. That said, I still kept my gear and took photos whenever possible. I am now a full-time professional photographer and absolutely love what I do. A number of my images have received awards, and several have appeared in galleries in Oregon, Washington, and California.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I have an endless number of adventures right at my fingertips. I love the outdoors and travelling to beautiful places to enjoy the scenery while taking photographs. I truly have the best of both worlds!

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